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At Simply Asia we’re proud to offer a unique Thai dining experience, with food prepared by authentic Thai chefs from the Land of Smiles and a menu packed full of delicious dishes to satisfy a wide range of palates. And with more than 50 stores throughout the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, our growing presence in Botswana and Zimbabwe, and award-winning cuisine, it’s no wonder we’re South Africa’s favourite Thai food restaurant.

How It All Began: The Simply Asia Story
Five years after his arrival in South Africa, Thai national Chai Lekcharoensuk walked into a Thai restaurant in Johannesburg to sample the local take on Thai cuisine. Disappointed with the meal, which hardly tasted like real Thai food, he became inspired to introduce South Africa to a more upmarket take on Thai dining, opening the first Wang Thai restaurant on Cape Town’s Foreshore in 1993.

Wang Thai’s combination of sophisticated elegance, Thai chefs and delicate spicy food was a hit with locals and tourists alike, and following the success of the Wang Thai chain, Mr Chai saw the opportunity to open a second, more mainstream Thai restaurant chain which would combine the authenticity and flavour of Wang Thai with the convenience and simplicity of a European noodle bar. Ten years later with this vision still in mind, he opened the first Simply Asia Thai Food & Noodle Bar – a fresh, tasty and affordable alternative for diners looking to broaden their horizons with more exotic and authentic cuisine.

Our Philosophy
The people of Thailand are known to be very hard-working, but they are also known for their warm smiles and the belief that hard work should be balanced with fun. At Simply Asia we place great importance on this balanced way of life, aiming not only to bring quality and authenticity to everything we do, but to have fun while doing it. In this way we strive to serve food which reflects the warmth, balance and generosity of Thai culture.

Because we are a Thai-run business, we also believe that by employing authentic Thai chefs in our kitchens equipped with expert training and the freshest ingredients available, we can ensure that every dish on our menu is authentically Thai as the chef who made it.

Our Thai Ties
Because our chefs are Thai nationals, our close relationship with Thailand means that our dishes are every bit as authentically Thai as the chefs who prepare them.

Our strong ties to Thailand also allow us to stay up-to-date with the cuisine, culture and happenings back home in the Land of Smiles.

Quality Thai
From our kitchen to your table, all of our ingredients undergo thorough quality control checks carried out by our head chefs and Simply Asia founder Chai Lekcharoensuk himself, meaning the quality and taste of our food remains consistent no matter which of our stores you choose to visit.

Every Road Leads to a Simply Asia
With a growing number of stores in and around the Western Cape as well as Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the taste of Simply Asia wherever you are in South Africa.

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  1. Great food - tainted by service and rude manager

    Food was brilliant. Cannot fault!! Service and appalling Management attitude tainted experience so I won’t be back.
    I had half price sushi special!! Thoroughly enjoyed my 10 sushi rolls – To the extent that I ordered a second portion of another 8. Unfortunately I wasn’t clock watching and ordered just after 6 and I wasn’t told that systems change automatically after 6. Got charged full price. Management on the offensive, quite rudely said it was my responsibility to check if special was still on not for the waiter to tell me. The whole experience could have been managed differently… but no problem… there are many other restaurants more deserving of clients… do not support bad service!!

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